.Academic Track Record

Fermi National Laboratory                 Postdoctoral Researcher                                 2015 – present
University of Oxford                            Visiting Junior Research Fellow                       Spring, 2015
University of Washington                   Ph.D. in Physics (Particle Theory)                   2010 – 2015
Koc University                                       M.S. in Physics (Theoretical Physics)             2008 – 2010
Bilkent University                                 B.S. in Physics (valedictorian)                         2004 – 2008

Research Experience

2010-2015                   University of Washington (Prof. Ann Nelson)

I work on beyond the Standard Model (BSM) models. I proposed a forward-backward asymmetry in the b-quark system that is recently measured at the Tevatron. I found the constraints on the amount of CP violation in two Higgs doublet models and showed this CP violation can explain the baryon asymmetry of our Universe. Recently I worked on pseudo-Dirac fermion oscillations in R-symmetric supersymmetry models. Possible CP violation in these oscillations gives rise to same sign dilepton asymmetries, which can be observed at particle colliders. I also work on models to understand the particle nature of dark matter.

2008-2010       Koc University (Prof. Tekin Dereli)

I studied general relativity and differential geometry during my masters. I wrote and defended my M.S. thesis, titled “2+1 Dimensional Gravity Theories”. I did a review of two models: Topologically Massive Gravity and New Massive Gravity. I derived and discussed solutions to the field equations of these models.

Fall 2007         Bilkent University (Prof. Ozgur Oktel)

I wrote and defended my senior thesis, titled “Coherent State Path Integrals”. I used coherent state path integral methods to solve a damped quantum harmonic oscillator problem.

Conference Presentations

S. Ipek, D. McKeen, A. Nelson, “Shining Higgs(es) on Dark Matter”, Higgs As a Probe of New Physics 2015, University of Toyama, February 14, 2015
S. Ipek, D. McKeen, A. Nelson, “Shining Higgs(es) on Dark Matter”, PACIFIC 2014, UC Berkeley Gump Station, September 17, 2014
S. Ipek, “CP Violation in the Two Higgs Doublet Model”, ICHEP, Valencia, July 5, 2014
S. Ipek, D. McKeen, A. Nelson, “Pseudo-Dirac Gluino Oscillations”, PHENO 2014, University of Pittsburgh, May 5, 2014
S. Ipek, “CP Violation in the Two Higgs Doublet Model”, APS Northwest Meeting, University of Washington, May 2, 2014 

Selected Seminar Talks

S. Ipek, “Baryogenesis via Pseudo-Dirac Gaugino Oscillations”, University of Oxford, June 2015
S. Ipek, “CP Violation (and Baryogenesis) in Two Higgs Doublet Models”, University of Sussex, May 2015
B. Bertoni, S. Ipek, D. McKeen, A. Nelson, “Dark Matter-Neutrino Interactions”, Johns Hopkins University, March 2015
S. Ipek, D. McKeen, A. Nelson, “CP Violation in Pseudo-Dirac Fermion Oscillations”, Fermilab, October 2014

Awards & Fellowships

2015                Balzan Fellowship, New College, Oxford
2015                Best Poster – Honorable Mention Award, HPNP 2015, University of Toyama
2014                ICHEP Travel Award
2014                Joseph H. Weis Memorial Prize for Enthusiasm and Dedication to Physics, University of Washington
2014                Physics Department Travel Award, University of Washington
2013                TASI Travel Award, University of Colorado
2013                Graduate School Travel Award, University of Washington
2008                Graduate Student Scholarship, The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK-BIDEB 2210)
2004                Bilkent University scholarship, covering tuition and stipend

Teaching & Outreach

2016                Fermilab booth at the US Science and Engineering Festival, Washignton D.C.
2016                Tour guide, Saturday Morning Physics, Fermilab
2014                Q&A for Particle Fever, The Grand Cinema, Tacoma
2014                ATLAS booth at the Pacific Science Center Science Fair (leader)
2013                QuarkNet masterclass for high school students, University of Washington
2013                ATLAS masterclass for The Art Institute of Seattle, University of Washington
2010-2015     Teaching Assistant (classes include Quantum Field Theory and Quantum Mechanics)

Professional Activities

2013-2015       Graduate Student Colloquium organizer
2013-2014       Organizer of the graduate student – faculty candidate discussions
2012-2014       Co-organizer for the Particle Theory Journal Club
2012-2014       Physics senator for the Graduate and Professional Student Senate
2011-2014       Mentor in the Physics Department Mentor program, University of Washington 

Volunteer Activities

2010-2015       Physics Department Volunteer Program (University of Washington)

I participatee in the monthly volunteer activities, which include working at the yearly Seattle Public Library book sale, helping a local food bank (Food Lifeline), and cleaning parks.

2006-2008       The Social Volunteers Group (Bilkent University)

I taught weekend classes to elementary school children from low-income neighborhoods. I also participated in a sistership program for a local orphanage.


Turkish            native speaker
English             fluent (reading, writing, speaking)
German           intermediate (reading, writing, speaking)